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20 Fish Ventures is an investment holdings company located in the heart of the Silicon Prairie (Kansas City). 20 Fish Ventures invests in and grows meaningful businesses that provide value to consumers in industries that need something a little different. 20 Fish Ventures represents our strategic, ambitious, aggressive approach to business in today’s highly competitive world.

Our media company’s primary focus is building its portfolio of owned and operated media websites. Some of the websites have been in existence for over a decade, and some are brand new. We are vertical agnostic, having websites in multiple industries, but we do know certain industries better than others. With a unique combination of proprietary software solutions, refined processes, and industry specific, Data-driven and Analytic Journalism-trained writers, we can add immediate value to any website that translates to long term success, especially for the users and consumers of the website. We take a highly customized approach and unique mix of specific targeting combined with attractive and useful content, data, and marketing to grow our sites, always providing value to users and partners alike. We have websites in multiple industries but they all have the same focus: give users the content they are looking for in a simple, useful, and digestible format.


20 Fish Ventures invests its time, effort, and capital in companies they believe in. Most tend to have the following qualities at the forefront of their beliefs: true desire to help consumers with a logical and unique solution, scale and efficiency at the top of mind, undeniable attitude. Although open to new industries, we primarily build or buy digital properties that answer consumer questions and add long-term value in the home, education, and senior living verticals.

We work with a number of folks across our industry ventures. From other business owners to writers and even other websites, we align ourselves with folks that keep things interesting. Looking for a writing gig in one of our industries? Have a web property you’re looking to sell? Looking for some help in growing your business with capital or services? Have an idea for a business? Let us know. We love deals that are good for everyone involved and move quickly. If you think the same way, contact us and we can chat.

About Matt

20 Fish Ventures LLC was officially founded in 2014 by Matt Kluemper, a restless, innovative, and impatient entrepreneur with a diverse and ever-growing business, advertising, online marketing, and writing background. Although Matt’s experience and his digital ventures have been in existence for almost a decade, he incorporated in 2014 with 20 Fish Ventures. Matt quickly found that there were numerous opportunities outside of online advertising, and pivoted 20 Fish Ventures into a company that helps other businesses grow and scale.

Matt’s expertise includes strategic small business operations consulting, digital customer acquisition strategy and implementation, marketing positioning, branding, and messaging consulting, and web and digital marketing consulting.


Want to work with us? You'll have to work for it a little bit. Find Matt on LinkedIn and send him a message.

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